April is the month we celebrate Earth Day, which brings awareness to preserve our environment and keep it safe for everyone from climate change. After all, Earth is the only planet where people can live.

Earth Day encourages people to take affirmative action and maintain a clean planet for a sustainable future.

Ways to Improve Our Environment

Pollution is one of the worst environmental issues in the Philippines, affecting the planet negatively and resulting in natural crises and disasters. These phenomena occur because of the poor care of Mother Nature.


Here are ways to invest in a more healthy planet.

Reduce plastic usage

Recycle plastic bottles and reduce single-use plastics usage. Disposable plastics like paper plates, cutlery, and straws are convenient but may damage the planet. There are substitute products, like metal straws. Switch to reusable and eco-friendly alternatives to reduce your plastic consumption.

Reuse products

Reuse grocery bags or bring your cloth bags. Utilize bags from the store only when needed. One can sell or donate old clothes, toys, and furniture to charities.

Start and Continue Recycling 

Recycle bottles, cans, and paper. It is better for the environment since you are repurposing products from the old ones and utilizing them for something useful. Recycling reduces the number of product wastes and prevents overloaded dumpsites and incinerators.

Conserve Water

Conserving water saves energy used to pump, heat, and treat water. There are water-saving routines to help deflect less water from bays and rivers to keep the environment healthy.

  • Replace or repair water appliances and equipment if needed to prevent water leaks.
  • Check water leaks from your pipes, faucets, and toilet.
  • Don't leave the water running while you clean vegetables or brush your teeth.

Plant As Many Trees As You Can

Trees help fight climate change and help improve air quality, removing dust and other pollutants from the air.

Joining planting activities will help build more trees that protect the communities against flooding and soil erosion as trees absorb thousands of stormwater liters.

Although Earth Day is celebrated in April, it is essential to act in an environmentally conscious way every day to maintain a clean and healthy environment. The planet needs consistent positive actions to continue improving the environment.

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