Beat the heat with Snake Brand - Snake Brand is always ready to keep you cool.

Beat the heat with Snake Brand - Snake Brand is always ready to keep you cool.

This year, the summer heat has been extreme in the Philippines. The temperature keeps increasing and is getting hotter every day. It is necessary to be aware of safety tips to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Intense heat can cause different illnesses such as excessive sweating, heat rash, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Although people who work outside—such as farmers, shopkeepers, laborers, and employees—are more likely to develop heat illness, heat and humidity are still stressful for everyone.

Chill as we list strategies to reduce risk and lessen the effects of higher temperatures.

Drink plenty of water

Always take your water bottle before going outside to prevent dehydration. Increase your liquid intake with other beverages, like coconut water or buko juice in Tagalog. Buko juice is known for restoring hydration as it contains electrolytes that maintain proper fluid balance.

Summer fruits with high water content, like watermelon, are healthy for the body and skin.

Apply Sunscreen before going outside

Because the summer heat is so strong, it can burn your skin, resulting in red spots and itchy rashes.

Apply sunscreen 20 minutes in advance to your skin to prevent heat rash and sunburn. Apply again after 4 hours to maintain protection.


Wear loose clothing

If your clothing is too tight, you may feel uncomfortable and hot. Even the chance of infection from excessive sweat increases when the fabric is in contact with your skin for an extended period.

Lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen work well as summer fits. Loose clothing helps absorb sweat quickly. Additionally, it allows your skin to breathe and your blood to flow freely.


Chill out with Snake Brand

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder contains camphor and menthol ingredients, which help you stay fresh and comfortable on a hot day. It also helps prevent and relieve itchy heat rash.

Partner your cooling powder with Snake Brand Shower Gel, Cooling Soap, and Cooling Mist for extra coolness.

snake brand prickly heat cooling powder


Don’t let the heat beat you. Get your summer cooling products now!

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